Our Philosophy

We believe in merging function and fashion, maintaining transparency and favouring quality above all else. We see beauty in the details. They matter to us. Our products are developed for the traveller. The vacationer. The jet-setter. We believe travel essentials should be simple, yet elevated — luxurious, thoughtful and classic. We also believe in giving back, which is why we donate a portion of our proceeds to women artisans in developing countries.

We believe travel essentials should be simple, yet elevated.

About Our Founder

Founder and creative director, Stephanie Gray was inspired to start Lily Winter after years of frequent travelling as a freelance writer and as the co-founder of Travel & Style Magazine.  

Subscribing to the idea that you should curate your life with things you love and things that last, Stephanie’s goal was to create luxurious travel accessories that were both durable and beautiful, so she began a journey to learn about working with cashmere. 

And the name? Lily Winter was affectionately chosen, as it’s the name of Stephanie’s great grandmother.