In Flight Carry-On Essentials


Whether we check our luggage or carry-on, we always make sure to have a tote packed with in-flight essentials. For transatlantic or four hour plus flights, there are some items that are non-negotiable (hello, noise-cancelling headphones). We like to think we've covered the bases with the below checklist. And if you can't travel business, you can at least make it feel like you are.  

Headphones. A pair of your standard earbuds will do, but frequent flyers will want to invest in a pair of noise-cancelling headphones (Bose are serious lifesavers) for an ultra-luxe/quiet onboard experience.  

Eye mask. It’s literally the only way to get to sleep on a plane (no matter what your seat), as it helps to shut out any ambient light. Our cashmere eye mask is not only plush, but we’ve added a layer of silk in-between to make sure light doesn't come through. 

Scarf. No matter where or when you're travelling, planes are always chilly (it's pretty much a given). It's one of the reasons why we created our cashmere travel wrap. Plus it’s very useful at your destination — from cool evenings to brisk days. And when it comes to fabric, we're partial to cashmere since it's lightweight, but keeps you warm.

iPad. While we love our magazines and books, we also don’t love how much they weigh down our bag, especially if we’re also travelling with a laptop in tow. Solution? Ebooks and emags. We usually download at least one book and as many magazines as we can store offline to keep us occupied during our flight and beyond. Although that doesn’t mean we’re against buying magazines in the airport (especially international editions and limited titles). A book or magazine can also come in handy when your battery is drained or you can't handle looking at your electronics anymore. 

Planes are always chilly (it’s pretty much a given).

Lip gloss & hand cream. Planes are dry. Sahara dry. Moisturizing beauty products are your friend both in the air and especially the day after landing. 

Notebook & pen. Truth is sometimes you gotta go analog. Technology can fail and when it does you’ll be happy you have a backup. Plus chances are you’ll be filling out some travel forms en route.

Snacks. Airplane food is the worst (unless you're lucky enough to be in business) and airports often have very limited healthy options — also challenging if you have food allergies or dietary restrictions. At the very least pack yourself a couple of snacks to tide you over until you land. We also suggest packing your own goodies such as homemade trail mix or apples. Don’t forget to guzzle tons of water too (it will help with in-flight dehydration).

Bonus. Ok so it's not exactly an "essential," but if you want to upgrade your economy beverage, we recommend The Carry On Cocktail Kit that includes everything you need to mix two cocktails at 30,000 feet. 

The less sexy, but equally important must-haves you should add to your carry-on list, include: ear plugs, gum, pain medicine (ie. Advil), blotting tissues, hair elastics, hand sanitizer and tissue paper. If you don’t mind the bulk (and are travelling to a destination where the tap water is drinkable) eschew the plastic bottle and carry a BPA-free refillable one instead. Anything we missed? Share in the comments below.

Happy travels!