How to Get Through Airport Security Faster

Image via  Fashion Jackson

Image via Fashion Jackson

A necessary evil of air travel is the dreaded security process. The truth is security wants to usher you through just as fast as you want to get your bag back and shoes on. From checking in to getting to your gate, here are our top tips for smooth sailing in the airport.

Check-In Online

As soon as your airline will allow you to check-in online — do it. While this isn’t technically security, you will save precious time filling out your travel details before you arrive.

Organize Liquids & Electronics

If you’re doing carry-on only, we suggest organizing all of your liquids into one bag (ideally a TSA approved 1L clear bag) and making it easily accessible. Same with your large electronics (ie. laptop and iPad). We personally keep both in our tote, so we don’t have to fumble around and open our luggage to place into the bin. For frequent business travellers, consider a piece of carry-on luggage with a TSA-approved laptop bag, so you don’t have to take it out of your bag at all.

Get TSA PreCheck, Global Entry or Nexus

For those short on time and don’t mind spending the extra cash, signing up for TSA Pre-Check, Global Entry or Nexus will help save you time in different aspects of your journey. Only for US citizens, TSA Pre-Check offers a membership program that lets you zip through security without removing your shoes, liquids, laptop and even belt. Global Entry/Nexus on the other hand allows travellers to expedite the customs process in Canada, the USA and nine international destinations.

Don’t Over Accessorize

The airport isn’t the place to bling out unless you don’t mind taking it all off before heading through security. Your watch, belt and jewellery (not your tiny stud earrings, we’re talking statement necklaces) will all need to come off before going through the metal detectors, so if you don’t need to wear it, leave it at home or at the very least keep it in your bag until you’ve gone through the scanners.

Wear Slip-On Shoes

You are going to be asked to remove your shoes, so consider your footwear carefully. Loafers, slides, and slip-on sneakers are all chic options. Just remember a pair of socks if you’re opting to go barefoot.