A Better Journey with Laura Gulshani

Fashion painter, Laura Gulshani.

Fashion painter, Laura Gulshani.

Gulshani stands in front of her work at the Museo ABC in Madrid.

Gulshani stands in front of her work at the Museo ABC in Madrid.

In our first “A Better Journey” series, where we interview frequent travellers on how they travel and what helps them travel better, we had the pleasure of chatting with fashion illustrator and painter Laura Gulshani.

For fashion and art lovers who may have not yet been acquainted with the super-talented artist — you need to start following her on IG stat. We first met Gulshani while both working at a large ecommerce retailer in Toronto. We were instantly taken with her beautiful work and knew we had to commission her for Lily Winter.

We asked her to paint two illustrations that embodied the Lily Winter brand. We had them printed on postcards, one of which comes in every package that goes out to our customers. A little surprise and delight you can keep for yourself or send off in the mail.

One of the illustrations Gulshani created for Lily Winter.

One of the illustrations Gulshani created for Lily Winter.

Gulshani’s latest travels have taken her to Paris for Fashion Week and Madrid for her first exhibition at the Museo ABC. She’s also been extremely busy working for brands like Missoni, Glamour Spain, Marie Claire UK and last spring collaborated with Escada on a print for their 2019 Resort Collection. Read on to see what’s always in her carry-on and how Matisse is part of her bucket list travels!

1. Where the last place you travelled & for what? 

I was last in Paris this past fashion week for work! Wow, I can't believe I get to say that, and it's actually true!

2. Fill in the blank. Travel makes me feel _____

Travel makes me feel whole!

3. Favourite destination?

That's a tough one! For a city, London, UK. I absolutely love the energy of that city and all that it contains, especially in terms of art and design. It provides a lot of inspiration for me. 

For a country, probably Italy, even though I haven't seen the whole thing (yet!). From what I've experienced so far and read about, it seems like every inch of the country is absolutely beautiful, brimming with unique historical architecture and revered artwork not found anywhere else in the world.


4. Train, plane or automobile?

Train! Someone else takes the wheel while you can take in the passing sights.

5. Always in your carry-on?

A sketchbook, moisturizer and a cardigan.

6. Travel beauty must-have?

A tinted lip balm! Hydrates the lips and adds a touch of glowing colour to the cheeks, when needed.

7. Most memorable food or drink?

That first taste of gelato on my first trip to Rome four years ago.

Gulshani’s second illustration for Lily Winter.

Gulshani’s second illustration for Lily Winter.

8. Gallery or museum we shouldn’t miss. 

The Musée d'Orsay in Paris! I am a huge fan of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art, so those four walls hold everything I need to make me happy.

10. Bucket list destination.

Nice, France, to visit the Musée Matisse. And if I can add another, St. Petersburg, Russia, to visit the Hermitage Museum, where The Red Room by Matisse is hanging!