With proper care your cashmere will become softer over time. We do not recommend dry cleaning, as this method uses harsh chemicals that will eventually wear down the delicate cashmere fibres. Instead we recommend hand-washing at home. Just follow our simple five-step process.  


How to Hand-Wash Your Cashmere

1. Fill a sink or basin with cold-tepid water.

2. Add a capful of mild detergent (our favourite is from The Laundress).

3. Soak for about 10-15 minutes, occasionally massaging the water through the fabric.

4. Rinse well, gently squeezing out excess water. Roll in a towel and lay flat to dry away from sunlight and heat.

5. If necessary, iron on cool.


How to Remove Pills

All cashmere will eventually pill, no matter how high the quality. Regular wear and friction wear against the loose fibres creating pills.

Washing your cashmere products will help reduce pills, but should they still occur you can carefully pick them off by hand or with a cashmere comb.


How to Store Your Cashmere

In-between wears we recommend carefully folding and placing in a clean shelf or drawer, or alternatively in the cotton canvas bag your product came in.

For longer-term storage, first ensure the product is clean and dry to prevent attracting clothes moths. If storing in the cotton canvas bag, throwing in cedar balls or a lavender sachet is a natural way to help further deter moths. You can also go the extra mile by placing in a sealed plastic container or zip-locked bag.